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Ethan Keller and his best friend have a history of jumping first and asking questions later. Tonight is no exception.
The Night Owls have a fun night planned, but Ethan and Desi aim to take it a notch higher. When Desi gets a lead on a tech shipment from a dodgy informant, they see a chance to make their dreams a reality. But the underground criminal network has different plans. Will Ethan and Desi’s heist give the Owls a boost or trap them instead?
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What readers are saying

★★★★★ – Literary Titan
“Envisage a future where the moon, Luna, becomes a nexus of societal division and clandestine exploits. The year is 2195, and amidst this celestial body’s barren landscapes, two disparate classes – the affluent and the destitute – jockey for their respective agendas. Enter Ethan, a charismatic thief and the unexpected hero of Stephen Gay’s enthralling novel, Night Owls.”

“Night Owls is a whimsical, fun, fast-paced thrill of a book.”
“Night Owls has captured my heart!”
“Ethan and his crew are an eclectic bunch I grew to love. They want to throw parties on the moon?! But they’re not so superficial – they’re funny, intelligent, and loyal to the end.”
“Fantastic world-building.”

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About Night Owls

The Moon, 2195. A ragtag party crew discovers a lethal conspiracy. To save themselves and the colony, they must risk everything as they chase the truth.

Ethan Keller, an unapologetic thief, is stuck in the poorest district on Luna, where random power outages have left several dead. When his big score is stolen, Ethan and the Night Owls—his motley party crew—plan a heist to recoup the loss. Instead, they uncover the source of the deadly power outages. Distressingly, the culprit appears to be someone close to them: his girlfriend’s father.

Now a fugitive, will Ethan unmask the mastermind in time to save the colony?

If you like science fiction action adventure with clever heroes and impossible situations, get started with the Night Owls series!

I’m a Canadian UX designer living in Silicon Valley with a wild love for sci-fi. Night Owls is my first novel and second book; my graphic novel WHY ALWAYS WINS was published in 2020.