Night Owls: A Moon Colony Sci-fi Series

The Moon, 2195.

Humanity has expanded across the solar system, and its first colony on the moon is central to that expansion. No other celestial body can top its impact as the primary source for Helium-3 fusion technology.

But this unique opportunity is also a disadvantage, and one the colony couldn’t be more ill prepared for. After years spent creating a habitable society, their former general has abandoned them

Five years later, class divides are worse than ever. Power is being siphoned and no one knows where. Protests are turning into riots. Accidents become fatal. Now, ruled by the greed of unchecked corporations and under the thumb of both Earth and Mars, Luna sits on the precipice of change: become a fully independent government or remain under the boot of others.

Caught in the middle of this interplanetary struggle are the Night Owls, a quirky crew of friends who love to misbehave—so long as no one gets hurt. But underneath the surface, they already are. Ethan Keller, an unapologetic thief, is struggling to come to terms with the death of his father. Aysha Nadar, his girlfriend and the daughter of Luna’s most powerful company Nadar Corp, is fighting public speculation about her family’s thirst for power. Bound by values but separated by class, they must lean on each other and the Owls to uncover the truth, no matter how undesirable.

As secrets unravel and new powers rise, the Owls’ friendships are brought to the test. With the emergence of a Lunar terrorist organization, shadow governments, and more than one corporation willing to spill blood, loyalty has never meant so little to so many.

The fate of the universe hangs in the balance of their next choices. Can Ethan and the Owls overcome the threats to their beloved home as they navigate the solar system’s uncertain future?