Ethan Keller and his best friend have a history of jumping first and asking questions later. Tonight is no exception. 

The Night Owls have a fun night planned, but Ethan and Desi aim to take it a notch higher. When Desi gets a lead on a tech shipment from a dodgy informant, they see a chance to make their dreams a reality. But the underground criminal network has different plans.

Will Ethan and Desi’s heist give the Owls a boost or trap them instead? For a FREE sci-fi action adventure, get a jump start on Remix: A Night Owls Story

Print Length 68 pages
Language: English

The Night Owls have every reason to celebrate after discovering the true mastermind behind Luna’s deadly power outages. For Ethan and Marty, that involves booze and doing something illegal.

But now Ethan is ready to leave behind his days of stealing and dealing in the underground. He just has to break the news to Sonny, Marty’s unpredictable uncle, first.

A leader in the underground criminal world, Sonny doesn’t want to part so easily. And tonight, he has a proposal that Ethan can’t refuse.

Enjoy one more FREE bonus chapter and stay up late with Night Owls After Hours.

Print Length 30 pages
Language: English